Why it's Important to Ditch the Stress and Think about the Fun Stuff

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Life with two kids, who don't seem to like sleeping much, a dog, husband and a pretty full on job can be pretty exhausting sometimes. Life BK (before kids) seems a murky memory, a distant dream of spontaneous nights out, loose change that jingled in your wallet, clothes that weren't covered in snot/food/dribble (delete as appropriate) and sleep... And sometimes, despite the many, many joys that being a parent to two crazy, demanding and beautiful children brings, you lose sight of the happiness and fun of life around you and instead get caught up in the stress and minutiae of everyday life.

I read a great article this week about the fears holding women back in the workplace: The Secret Fears that Hold Back Women in the Workplace.   I'd had a tough week for a variety of reasons and was feeling a bit despondent and stressed out about things  (a story for another time). One of the points in this article really resonated with me, it was about the idea that stress is often self inflicted and down to the pressure you put on yourself to be perfect and that sometimes it is ok to relax a little, try to do your best and not worry about things going wrong before they actually happen. Sound advice. But for me, de-stressing is also about focusing on the best bits of your day/week and not forgetting the things that have made you laugh and smile as you rush to panic about the work you need to do, the meal you need to cook or the house you need to clean.

And when I looked back at my week, there were quite a few things that had made me laugh or smile: like the kind words I received from friends when I was feeling unsure about a decision I had made; my beautiful bunch of Friday Flowers that my husband (almost without fail) buys me every Friday; the new 'cool' words that my class taught me so I could be 'down with the kids' and had me lop and calling everyone bae for the rest of that day...until I realised what lop meant!

And of course my children, who never fail to raise a smile as they wake me at 5am and then proceed to bounce up and down on me making clip clip noises like I'm a pony or think it's hilariously funny to    apply your make up to their dollies, themselves and half the living room furniture just as you are expecting guests. But that's life and that's the joy of it.
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